I am a German pro landscape photographer (GDT, VTNOe) living in the heart of the Alps (Tyrol, Austria). Though my prime occupation is being a dentist, I am trying to spend every minute possible outdoors on the hunt for the best light.   Because of my limited time as a pro photographer I´ve made a virtue of necessity and put my focus on starscape photography as that even can be done "afterwork".  

On my webpage you can find some of my best and internationally awarded and published pictures and videos. If you are interested in buying a license for a picture or a video, please don´t hesitate to CONTACT me!

All pictures are available as FINEARTPRINTS & more, as well. 


"Being outdoors for me means being possible to become a part of nature, where nothing else matters than the present moment. I think, the tremendous beauty of nature is the most precious gift we should preserve for future generations. „Taking pictures“ is my way of bringing home some of my experiences as well as being possible to show people something of that fragile magic that is worth being preserved."



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